Wednesday 28 December 2022

014: Ultimate Fighters

Version 1.1 update

  • "Art of Breaking Heads" has been dropped from the roster due to issues getting it to load from disc. The replacement is "WWF Wrestlemania"
  • Shadow Fighter has been changed from the CD32 edition to the AGA one. While the CD32 version would not seem to load at all, the loading times are still very long. My recommendation is to burn the original CD32 edition if you really want to play it on a real console.
  • Only the Ultimate Body Blows soundtrack is included now, reducing download and burn times.
  • Reliability tweaks to Street Fighter 2 and Shaq Fu


Cover: Earok (Template by Steve)
Menu System: Code by Earok, Design by Steve
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, CD32Load by JOTD

Thanks to numerous WHDLoad slave authors whose work is featured here. I've not credited them directly on this post, but they're all credited within the compilation itself.

This is my soft-retirement post. I'm moving into the world of commercial Amiga game development as part of the PixelGlass team, so I can no longer justify the time and effort required to churn out these unofficial discs. I may be back at some stage, but certainly not this year.

So I'm going out with a bang - this is the largest themed collection this site has ever produced, 40 fighting games across numerous different styles, most of the notable fighters are there as well as some rather obscure AMOS efforts.

This is also the first time I've written a menu system entirely from scratch, as it was my intention to write bespoke menus for each new release. All forty fighters can be selected on a menu screen that resembles your typical Street Fighter 2 clone menu (you can even choose randomly - press blue to move the cursor to a different game).

The complete list:
  • Art of Breaking Heads (broken)
  • Best of the Best
  • Body Blows AGA
  • Body Blows Galactic AGA
  • Body Blows (Ultimate)
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury
  • Budokan
  • Chambers of Shaolin
  • Doman
  • Double Dragon
  • Double Dragon 2
  • Double Dragon 3
  • Dragon Ninja
  • Dynamite Dux
  • Elf Mania
  • Fatal Impact
  • Fightin Spirit
  • Final Fight
  • Franko
  • Full Contact
  • Golden Axe
  • International Karate +
  • Karate Kid Part II
  • Karateka
  • Mad Fighters II
  • Master Axe
  • Mortal Kombat 1
  • Mortal Kombat 2
  • Motorhead
  • Ninja Mission
  • Pit Fighter
  • Rise of the Robots
  • Shadow Fighter (seems to be broken on real CD32, ok on emulation)
  • Shaq Fu (possibly control related issues on real CD32)
  • Street Fighter 2 (possibly control related issues on real CD32)
  • Street Fighter 2 New Challengers DX
  • Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  • Super TaeKwanDoMaster
  • Sword of Sodan
  • Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Coin-Op

Sunday 9 October 2022

013: Jaguar XJ220

Version 1.1 Mega Update!

For a solo release this was already jam-packed with bonuses, but we've got a few more for you!
  • Uses JOTD's brand new CD32Loader! Which gives us:
    • Zero OS flashes, resulting in far shorter load times
    • Keyboard support
      • Play - Pause (Doesn't always work)
      • Forward - Quit race
      • Hold Reverse, then Forward - Quit to menu
      • Green - Skip Language screen (only copy protection was localised)
      • Yellow - Skip Copy protection screen
    • My custom Brazil 1 track (inspired by Buggy Boy's "Offroad") now works!
  • Live action intro upgraded to HAM 8
  • Menu music
  • "Jaguar XJ220: The Demo" for completionists
  • Easter eggs accessible from the menu?

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Mr Larmer and CFOU!
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

I had this almost ready to go before the rebuild started, so I thought I'd take a break from fixing/enhancing the previous releases and get this out the door!

Jaguar XJ220 Turbo Challenge by Core is a fantastic arcade racer and is quite possibly our most bonus-laden solo release to boot. Features:
  • Latest WHDLoad slave - copy protection screen so no keyboard is required (but useful if you want to tinker with tracks)
  • Two CDXL intros, both the Mega/Sega CD intro and the promo video for the real XJ220 have been included.
  • Since saving is unfortunately impossible, I've chucked in four saves at the world selection screen (after completing England) with fully fixed cars and $65000 in cash (one and two player, automatic and manual).
  • Sixteen audio tracks that can be listened to in a music player (press PLAY to quit out to the music player). Includes all twelve of the tracks from the Mega/Sega CD release plus four fan remixes:
    • "Moody Breeze - Speedy Breeze" by Coups
    • "Autobahn" by Nixdorux
    • "Title" by Odee
    • "Misty Ride on the A23" by Selecta Novel
  • Five exclusive tracks that can be accessed through the "load track" button. They're not meant to be commercial quality, just fun gimmicks. They are:
    • Pukekohe Raceway, replaces England 1
    • Monaco, replaces Canada 1
    • Irohazaka, replaces Italy 1
    • Tiny Track (14 laps!) replaces Germany 1
    • Rollercoaster, replaces France 1
(There's actually six tracks, the sixth is one based on Buggy Boy's "Offroad" and occupies the Brazil 1 slot but it unfortunately doesn't seem to work on a real CD32. Also please bear in mind that the disc is a bit slow loading!)

Intro 1: Sega/Mega CD

 Intro 2: Promotional video

(1.0 download removed. New download above)

Saturday 3 September 2022

Cobe 003: Solomon's Key 1 & 2

Solomon's Key 1 Atari ST conversion: Asman and Wanted Team
Solomon's Key 2 (aka Fire and Ice) NES port: Hukka
Coverbacking and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Something a little different today, a twin pack of both of the games in the "Solomon's Key" series. What makes it different is neither of these games have ever received a commercial Amiga release, Solomon's Key 1 is the Atari ST version unofficially hacked to work on on Amiga, whereas Solomon's Key 2 is an unofficial ground up rewrite of the NES exclusive.

Cobe has also gone the extra mile with this one - SK2 progress can be saved to NVRAM, and if you've got a keyboard you can save SK1 high scores too. Just make sure you read the select screen instructions.

An additional bonus, hold down RED or BLUE while the console is booting to see the Cracktro's for the two games.


Sunday 17 January 2021

012: Stunt Car Racer

Microstyle (The New Tracks: AmiGer)
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Codetapper

Geoff Crammond's other legendary racing game for Amiga. Includes AmiGer's "The New Tracks". Both versions can optionally be played with Galahad's "Turbo" patch applied - the speed is insane on a stock CD32, I can't imagine what it would be like on an expanded one!

Newly updated version now supports fastram equipped Amigas.

Selection screen

Saturday 16 January 2021

011: Team 17 Crack Pack

There were three games on the CD32 that were released with manual copy protection, all from Team 17. It's a little awkward to read the tiny numbers on the code sheets and enter them with the gamepad (assuming you've even got a copy of the codes handy). So what we're providing here is simply a download of the three games with copy protection disabled.
Other than the minor hack, the three are more or less as they are on their original release - no bonuses or anything else added. The information to make these cracks all come from the Amiga Patch List

(Note: Reuploads come from the copies stored on the TOSEC project)

Saturday 31 October 2020

010: Cannon Fodder Collection

Sensible Software (New Campaign: Orson and Korni)
Uses: WHDLoad and all slaves by Wepl
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Update. Latest release uses full freeware version of WHDLoad so that all Cannon Fodders can be loaded on FastRAM equipped CD32s.

Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder: The New Campaign use original (non WHDLoad) CD32 version now, so saving is possible on those two games again, though there's now a warning that saving will wipe all of the other games in NVRAM. Note that they share the same CD32 save slot, so progress in one will also count in the other.

Every Cannon Fodder game on Amiga!
  • Cannon Fodder (CD32 version)
  • Cannon Fodder + (Slave)
  • Cannon Soccer (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder: New Campaign (Using CD32 engine)
  • Cannon Fodder 2 (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder 2: The Alien Levels (Slave)
  • Not Very Festive Fodder (Slave)
  • As well as the Cannon Fodder 1 FMV intro in CDXL format
With the exception of the original game and the new campaign, all of these require a mouse. If you want to be able to play them with a gamepad I recommend looking into Kipper 2K's PSX Adapter, it features a mouse mode that works with the games perfectly.

Selection screen

CDXL intro

Tuesday 23 June 2020

009: Leading Lap MPV

Black Legend
Cover and controls screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The third and last of our AGA racing game conversions. A half decent racer arcade racer with a slick 3D engine, it's a little shallow and difficult to control but nonetheless we recommend this to fans of the genre.

Surprisingly for a game that (so far as we can tell) was never intended for an official release on the console, it features support for every single button on the joypad.

You can play without a keyboard, however as the game uses passwords you'll need a keyboard if you want to resume a previous game.

Controls screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 31st July 2015, now with optional Amiga 500 version included)

008: Dune II

Uses: Fakemouse, Joy2key2 by Lorence Lombardo
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

  • The ability to save temporarily in RAM. Unfortunately you'll lose your games when the console is restarted, but you can at least restore a game in the middle of session if you need to.
  • Some level 8 saves that were sourced from an EAB competition, so you don't need to play all the way through to get into the game.
  • Joypad support. Many of the keyboard commands have been mapped to buttons on the CD32 pad to make joypad play a little less painful. A controls reference screen has been included for your convenience.
  • The intro video from "Dune 2000" in CDXL format.
Control screen

CDXL Intro

21st August 2015 Major Update

Virus checked and now with three major updates:

1. French and German support.


Sunday 29 July 2018

007: Eric W Schwartz Collection

Update: The republish of this is the same as the previous release, except last time I had somehow missed the Amiga Song. That's now on this disc, so this is closer to 100% complete.

All Art © Eric W Schwartz. This is not an authorised release.
ISO Master: Earok
Cover: Earok (Template by Steve)

This one has been a long time coming!
  • Well over 80 of Eric W Schwartz's finest works, from the late 1980s through to the early 2010s! Including many short cartoons, looping animations, tutorials and even an image browser.
  • Although all animations can be watched individually, playlists of select animations are also available:
    • Aerotoons
    • Amy the Squirrel
    • Flip the Frog
    • The Juggette
    • Sabrina and Red Shetland
    • Other notable Cartoons (Anti-Lemmings, Morphy the Magic Man etc)
  • For the first time in CDXL format, the animations "Amy: A Walk in the Park", "Amiga Tribute" and "Only Amiga"
Where possible, animations are in their original "MovieSetter" format. Many have been converted to Anim5 in order to run within the CD32's tight RAM limitations. This disc would not have been possible without RandelShofer's incredibly exhaustive page on Eric Schwartz's animations, where many of the converted animations were sourced from.

A few notes:
  • The animations are sometimes unapologetically un-PC. As such, they're not for everyone!
  • Most animations (the CDXL ones excluded) will loop continually until you hit the "blue" button.
  • The audio is glitchy on some animations, apologies, I'm unable to fix that.
  • NTSC is recommended (in PAL some animations have glitches near the bottom of the screen)
  • The "Girls of ES Productions" application will quit from the menu. You'll need to restart the console to get back in to it.

Monday 23 July 2018

006: Flashback

Dephine / US Gold
UsesWHDLoad by Wepl, Slave by JOTD and Psygore
Cover, Controls Screen and Level Screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

  • Psygore's WHDLoad slave with CD32 joypad support, speed corrected cutscenes and level/difficult select capability.
  • Controls screen.
  • Level and difficulty selection screen.
  • Multiple language support - English, German, Czech, Italian and French.
  • NEW: CDXL intro, derived from the 2013 remake - now redone in HAM8.
  • NEW: Support for FastRAM equipped CD32's (eg TerribleFire)
Controls Screen

Level and Difficulty Select Screen

CDXL Intro

Monday 11 December 2017

HUNGRYHORACE001: Cybernoid CD32 collection

Note: This is the same as the previous release, reuploaded for your gaming pleasure.

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, WHDLoad slaves by Hungry Horace
Cover: Hungry Horace, template by Steve
ISO Master and Menu: Hungry Horace

A special treat from Hungry Horace for Hewson and Cybernoid fans, both games on a single disc! With a few other treats:
  • A beautifully animated menu system for choosing the games.
  • CD32 Joypad support for both games (press RED on the menu).
  • Two button pad support for both games (press BLUE on the menu)
Both games - but especially part two - are unashamedly 80s hard. You have been warned!

Controls for two button mode:
  • Red for Fire
  • Hold Red for Special Weapon
  • Blue for Cycle Special
Controls for CD32 Joypad mode:
  • Menu: Blue (SFX Toggle)
  • Menu: Play (Show Highscores)
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Yellow = Activate Cheat
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Play = WHD Quit
  • Game: Green for Special Weapon
  • Game: Forward for Cycle Special Weapon Up
  • Game: Rewind for Cycle Special Weapon Down
  • Game: Play for Pause
  • Game: Yellow for Quit (While Paused)
  • Game: Blue for Level Skip (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)
  • Game: Green for Level Restart (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)

                    Monday 27 November 2017

                    Cobe 002: Burnout Ultimate [Fast RAM Required]

                    Covers: Lemming880
                    ISO Master and new arenas: Cobe

                    Burnout is a game from late in Amiga's run (part of Vulcan's "MiniSeries" label), a frantic and graphically superb vehicular Battle Royale and one of the very few commercial games for the Amiga that absolutely required Fast RAM to run.

                    As such, this is the first release on the blog that requires an expanded CD32, both the brand new TerribleFire expansion and more classic expansions like the SX-1 or SX-32 should work fine.

                    Four custom made arenas feature in this release, three of them have been featured on Aminet but the fourth is exclusive to this disc.
                    1. EAB Arena
                    2. Hellspade Arena
                    3. Star Arena
                    4. Terrible Fire Arena

                    Sunday 20 August 2017

                    005: Moonstone

                    Uses: CD32Load by JOTD, slave by Wepl
                    Cover: Steve
                    Control screen: Earok (Template by Steve)
                    ISO Master: Earok
                    Our first new release since the rebuild began, this one's been coming for quite some time! Steve did the cover back on a whim back in 2014, but we decided not to release until we could properly do the game justice. The final piece in the puzzle came recently when JOTD graciously updated his CD32Load tool to support the game - allowing us to properly map a few vitally important keyboard commands to the controller.

                    A beta version has been doing the rounds lately, but this is the final build - including a control screen detailing both the CD32 specific controls and the fighting commands.

                    Sunday 13 August 2017

                    COBE001: Press Play on Pad: The Demoscene Disc

                    Various Authors
                    ISO and Cover: Cobe
                    Menu: Earok and Cobe

                    This one's a little bit different for a number of reasons!

                    Cobe has assembled a cracker compilation of 32 demoscene productions on a single disc - almost all AGA titles such as the remarkable Nexus-7 by Andromeda, but also a few classic OCS demoscene productions as well (notably, State of the Art by Spaceballs).

                    What's more, the disc will by default play demos in a random order, making it a perfect "virtual jukebox" for the CD32. If there's a specific demo you'd like to watch, all you need to do is (as the title suggests) hold down the "Play" button when the console is booted.

                    The complete demos list:
                    1. nexus-7
                    2. love
                    3. friday at eight 3
                    4. achallamahalla
                    5. among the living
                    6. arte* 
                    7. extension 
                    8. quite unusual
                    9. interference 
                    10. fullmoon
                    11. cream
                    12. despair
                    13. state of the art* 
                    14. futuristic mind
                    15. hardday
                    16. kid
                    17. desert dream* 
                    18. pee wee
                    19. real 
                    20. breath of the muse
                    21. hardwired* 
                    22. lech 
                    23. gevalia 
                    24. the prey
                    25. wit premium
                    26. enigma* 
                    27. dove
                    28. bosnisk metall 
                    29. jammin'
                    30. syndrome
                    31. in a world of ascii
                    32. panta rhei

                                                                                *using cd32load by jotd
                                                                                Arte slave by Wepl
                                                                                State of the art slave by Wepl
                                                                                Desert dream slave by BlackWine
                                                                                Hardwired slave by Mr.Larmer & Wepl
                                                                                Enigma slave by BlackWine

                                                                                Content warning: The disc includes nudity as well as coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.

                                                                                Download for CD32

                                                                                Sunday 6 August 2017

                                                                                004: Turrican Anthology

                                                                                Factor 5 / Rainbow Arts
                                                                                Uses: CD32Load by JOTD, WHDLoad by Wepl. Slaves: T1T2, T3, Super Obliteration (Easter Egg)
                                                                                Cover and select screen: Steve
                                                                                CDXL Intro: Derived from the Turrican 3D Trailer and Motion Reel, using Charles-Henri Avelange's Heavy Metal remix of the Turrican 1 Title.
                                                                                ISO Master and control fixes: Earok

                                                                                A complete revamp of the previous anthology release, now all three games feature seven button CD32 pad support - almost all functions are on discrete buttons, including "Jump" on the Blue/Forward buttons for the first time.

                                                                                Turrican 3 in particular receives a significant gameplay boost, in that the "rope" mechanic can be activated or deactivated at will without a charge up time.

                                                                                Select and control screen

                                                                                Exclusive intro

                                                                                Monday 12 June 2017

                                                                                003: Heart of the Alien

                                                                                12th June 2017 - While Heart of the Alien for CD32 has been re-released without enhancements, there's now a WB friendly package that includes Another World/The Lost Level with WHDLoad slaves, and an HD installed Heart of the Alien - no CD music required. 

                                                                                Another World / Out of this World: Eric Chahi
                                                                                Heart of the Alien: Interplay (Adapted for Amiga by D.J.M)
                                                                                Lost Level: Eric Chahi (Hacked on to the Amiga by Earok)
                                                                                Cover: Steve
                                                                                ISO Master: Earok
                                                                                WHDLoad Slave: Harry and JOTD
                                                                                Much appreciated assistance: Cobe

                                                                                A long time coming! The legendary Another World mythos has finally made it's way to the CD32 in its entirety.

                                                                                Another World (aka: Out of this World)
                                                                                The original classic, with one minor tweak - Press BLUE to open the level code screen. If you want to skip through the lengthy introduction, just use the code "EDJI" after the (cracked) copy protection sequence.

                                                                                The Lost Level
                                                                                An entire level that was added to later editions of the game has been back-ported to Amiga and included on this disc as a standalone entry.

                                                                                Heart of the Alien
                                                                                The largely unknown and forgotten sequel makes it's way to the Amiga due to the incredible and much appreciated efforts of D.J.M.

                                                                                Controls have been faithfully adapted from the Sega CD original.
                                                                                • Action: Red
                                                                                • Whip: Blue
                                                                                • Jump forward: Green
                                                                                • Activate Bomb: Red+Blue+Green
                                                                                • Enter Code: Pause
                                                                                Special thanks to Cobe for tweaking some of the Heart of the Alien audio tracks, as well as squeezing "The Lost Level" on to the selection menu.

                                                                                Monday 5 June 2017

                                                                                002: Inherit the Earth

                                                                                5th June 2017 - This one has been re-released more or less as it was, as there were no changes that I wanted to make. However, a zip version is included for HDD equipped Amigas.

                                                                                Wyrmkeep Entertainment / Realogic / Softdisk
                                                                                Cover: Steve
                                                                                ISO Remaster: Earok
                                                                                Thanks to anonymous for uploading the original file!

                                                                                Something of a holy grail for us is the uncovered English language version of the adventure game "Inherit the Earth". This charming adventure game featuring furries anthropomorphic animals was already released for the Amiga in German but (to the best of our knowledge) the unreleased English version has never been on the Internet - until now.

                                                                                This is largely the same to what appeared on an Amiga Future cover disc several years ago but with a few changes:
                                                                                • Signed with a trademark file so it will boot on a stock CD32.
                                                                                • The "Bonus" folder from the German release is included, which includes: mod files, animations, CDXL videos, AGA and ECS demo versions of the German release.
                                                                                • Manual PDF is also included in the Bonus folder (sourced from:
                                                                                • The startup-sequence is the same except for the addition of a doublespeed command
                                                                                Given that this is an unreleased beta version, I had to give it a full playthrough with walkthrough (on a real CD32) before publishing it here. I'm happy to say that this appears to be the complete game, all of the gameplay appears to be intact and it's all in English, both text and voices from start to end.

                                                                                There are some issues though - movement is often sluggish, the "use" command sometimes misfires (eg it attempts using the object on itself when you wanted to use it with something else on screen), and I had no less than two full crashes and one fatal bug (in all fairness this could just be because of misreads from my CD32 drive). Make sure you safe often!

                                                                                Some other things to note:
                                                                                • NVRAM saving is a feature, but you'll need around 83 blocks free (!) I'm afraid you might need to drop that Simon the Sorcerer save file.
                                                                                • Mouse is not required, gamepad works just fine.
                                                                                • Press Red+Blue to skip the length intro sequence (thanks to Cobe for working this out).
                                                                                • During the overworld and isometric sequences, you can just hold down RED to move, this might be a little quicker than just tapping RED repeatedly
                                                                                There are also two executables on the disc for playing from an HD equipped Amiga, both an AGA and ECS version. However, given that the voices file is over 200mb you're either going to need a CD-ROM or a decent hard drive!

                                                                                (Edit: I've received confirmation that this works just fine on an A1200 with a compact flash "hard drive" and a Blizzard accelerator card, as well as a 4mb ECS A600 with cd rom)

                                                                                (As a side note, a modern version of the game is available from Wyrmkeep, GOG and Steam. Also the game inspired a sequel web comic that's been running for ten years!)

                                                                                Wednesday 31 May 2017

                                                                                001: Time Gal [ReImagine]

                                                                                ReImagine (original game: Taito 1985) 
                                                                                Cover: Steve (Download)

                                                                                Something a little different from us! The second release in the ReImagine series of ports and hacks is the never before on Amiga LaserDisc classic Time Gal, ported from the arcade original in it's entirety.
                                                                                • All Sixteen levels from the original game, along with "mirrored" versions of each level and all of the death animations (including those that were censored on the Mega CD port!)
                                                                                • Six difficulty levels from Easy to Insane. Including a special "Anime Mode" for a more relaxed, cinematic experience. (Note: This mode isn't simply the cutscenes, it's still a playable experience but with absolutely minimal UI distractions)
                                                                                • Five different static ending screens to discover.
                                                                                System requirements:
                                                                                • 68000
                                                                                • OCS
                                                                                • 1MB of free chipram (2MB total ram required)
                                                                                • 500MB of free HDD space, OR
                                                                                • 2X CD-ROM drive

                                                                                The future of

                                                                                Due to infringement claims on some releases, the blog's Mega account has been suspended, and as such every single release is offline. Such an outcome was disappointing but not particularly surprising due to the nature of projects like this.

                                                                                I think it might be a good opportunity to start over with patched and enhanced re-releases, and maybe the occasional new one, possibly each Saturday. I don't intend to re-release every project (certainly not the ones that triggered takedown notices!) but the more popular and substantial ones will receive a re-release.

                                                                                It's kind of sad but kind of exciting too - and I look forward to the future of the blog.