Monday, 12 June 2017

003: Heart of the Alien

12th June 2017 - While Heart of the Alien for CD32 has been re-released without enhancements, there's now a WB friendly package that includes Another World/The Lost Level with WHDLoad slaves, and an HD installed Heart of the Alien - no CD music required. 

Another World / Out of this World: Eric Chahi
Heart of the Alien: Interplay (Adapted for Amiga by D.J.M)
Lost Level: Eric Chahi (Hacked on to the Amiga by Earok)
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
WHDLoad Slave: Harry and JOTD
Much appreciated assistance: Cobe

A long time coming! The legendary Another World mythos has finally made it's way to the CD32 in its entirety.

Another World (aka: Out of this World)
The original classic, with one minor tweak - Press BLUE to open the level code screen. If you want to skip through the lengthy introduction, just use the code "EDJI" after the (cracked) copy protection sequence.

The Lost Level
An entire level that was added to later editions of the game has been back-ported to Amiga and included on this disc as a standalone entry.

Heart of the Alien
The largely unknown and forgotten sequel makes it's way to the Amiga due to the incredible and much appreciated efforts of D.J.M.

Controls have been faithfully adapted from the Sega CD original.
  • Action: Red
  • Whip: Blue
  • Jump forward: Green
  • Activate Bomb: Red+Blue+Green
  • Enter Code: Pause
Special thanks to Cobe for tweaking some of the Heart of the Alien audio tracks, as well as squeezing "The Lost Level" on to the selection menu.


  1. it's been a good month to be a CD32 owner...
    thank you :)

  2. Thank you for the compilation! Although I have difficulties to play it. The Lost Level freezes right after the start screen. Heart of the Alien is unplayable too, the screen turns black during the intro, while you can still hear the background sounds. (Another World runs without any problem.) I have tried it on an unexpanded cd32. Please, can you check it?

    1. Works OK at my end on real hardware.

      I have a PAL CD32, also it's set to English (occasionally I've encountered issues on certain games when the language is set to something else)

    2. Great idea! Definite thanks though I do have a simliar issue with the HDD version. AW/OOTW works perfectly, as does the Lost Level, however visuals for HOTA are, for want of a better word "screwy". A bit like if you try to run an unpatched version of Monkey Island 2 on an AGA machine. Will try fiddling and see if something works and post back :)