Sunday, 6 August 2017

004: Turrican Anthology

Factor 5 / Rainbow Arts
Uses: CD32Load by JOTD, WHDLoad by Wepl. Slaves: T1T2, T3, Super Obliteration (Easter Egg)
Cover and select screen: Steve
CDXL Intro: Derived from the Turrican 3D Trailer and Motion Reel, using Charles-Henri Avelange's Heavy Metal remix of the Turrican 1 Title.
ISO Master and control fixes: Earok

A complete revamp of the previous anthology release, now all three games feature seven button CD32 pad support - almost all functions are on discrete buttons, including "Jump" on the Blue/Forward buttons for the first time.

Turrican 3 in particular receives a significant gameplay boost, in that the "rope" mechanic can be activated or deactivated at will without a charge up time.

Select and control screen

Exclusive intro


  1. Thank you for this great compilation, here in Germany is Turrican a big Legend. Turrican 1 has some glitches, but i have this one on a another cd. Sadly there is no "Tony and Friends in Kelloggs Land" on the disc, but I can wait. Sorry for the bad english and keep up with your amazing work.

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  3. Hello! This is a really nice collection. :) I have a problem i hope someone can help me with it. Not just this one game but a few others. Turrican 3 only plays in black and white with weird scanlines :( is this a problem with my console or can something be done about it?

  4. Hello,
    I usually don't burn anything. But as I know I just have to burn the ISO to a CD.
    Done with Super Cars, but I only receive a black Screen on both of my Amiga CD32.
    With the Turrican ISO I receive after minutes a workbench Screen. Nothing more.
    What do I have to do that the games are working?
    I use Tevion 700 MB 52x CDs - pure silver

  5. WOW THX! Könnt ihr bitte eine Version schreiben mit 2 Feuerknöpfen? bitte bitte :D brauche ich für das Autofire oder ein Autofire Knopf?

    Ich warte seit 24 Jahren auf so eine Turrican Disk mit cd32 Pad!!! DANKE

    1. du bist willkommen!

      You'll need a CD32 pad with autofire for that feature. I've been using the Honeybee pad, works very nicely for that.

  6. Many thanks for this version! May I ask how you did get the blue button for jump working? When I start the WHDLoad slaves of this ISO on my A1200 from Workbench, the blue button doesn't work for jumping. Only when I start from CD32 it works. Is there some trick, e.g. a modified SetPatch?