Wednesday, 31 May 2017

001: Time Gal [ReImagine]

ReImagine (original game: Taito 1985) 
Cover: Steve (Download)

Something a little different from us! The second release in the ReImagine series of ports and hacks is the never before on Amiga LaserDisc classic Time Gal, ported from the arcade original in it's entirety.
  • All Sixteen levels from the original game, along with "mirrored" versions of each level and all of the death animations (including those that were censored on the Mega CD port!)
  • Six difficulty levels from Easy to Insane. Including a special "Anime Mode" for a more relaxed, cinematic experience. (Note: This mode isn't simply the cutscenes, it's still a playable experience but with absolutely minimal UI distractions)
  • Five different static ending screens to discover.
System requirements:
  • 68000
  • OCS
  • 1MB of free chipram (2MB total ram required)
  • 500MB of free HDD space, OR
  • 2X CD-ROM drive

The future of

Due to infringement claims on some releases, the blog's Mega account has been suspended, and as such every single release is offline. Such an outcome was disappointing but not particularly surprising due to the nature of projects like this.

I think it might be a good opportunity to start over with patched and enhanced re-releases, and maybe the occasional new one, possibly each Saturday. I don't intend to re-release every project (certainly not the ones that triggered takedown notices!) but the more popular and substantial ones will receive a re-release.

It's kind of sad but kind of exciting too - and I look forward to the future of the blog.