Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The future of

Due to infringement claims on some releases, the blog's Mega account has been suspended, and as such every single release is offline. Such an outcome was disappointing but not particularly surprising due to the nature of projects like this.

I think it might be a good opportunity to start over with patched and enhanced re-releases, and maybe the occasional new one, possibly each Saturday. I don't intend to re-release every project (certainly not the ones that triggered takedown notices!) but the more popular and substantial ones will receive a re-release.

It's kind of sad but kind of exciting too - and I look forward to the future of the blog.


  1. Keep on with your holy mission, friend, the Amiga-nation is with you;
    and thanx for all your great work.

  2. :( , I wanted to download some games... and now they have dissapear :(

    Keep your good work! Me and all Amiga community support you.

  3. What a pity ... I do not understand who can bother a project like this ...
    You have my solidarity.

  4. wait for the game :)

    Greetings from indonesia

  5. your previous work was appreciated...
    your future work is anticipated...

  6. Hello,

    Why you just not make also backup of all your releases on some server where will be not deleted.
    Try this one, I use it for long time - "http - /"(just - I put link in format that will not make problems). You can create account for free and with free account on ulozto you can upload files that stay there for unlimited time. Only new, blockbuster movies is filtered, other files stay there !! Try for example put to search on ulozto HeroQuest II (it is my upload) !!
    I really want to download english CD32 version of "Inherit the Earth". It is good to have blog, but people are able to find it even without blog, please at least re-upload "Inherit the Earth Amiga CD32", you can try how will work for you. It is Czech based cloud server with Czech, Slovak and English language and you can download for free files up to 2GB with limited speed to 256kbps.
    Leave me message in comments for HeroQuest II on if you want, this Google account mail no more work(deleted), but Google login work :-) - great for privacy :-)

    Best Regards !!

  7. Sorry for duble post - just info.
    On you can download also without registration or any account(all such things is for extra services) - that is the correct way how to do it !!

  8. Thanks mate - I'll look into that download service at some stage.

    In any case, Inherit the Earth is back up, now also with a zip download for HDD ECS and AGA Amigas.

  9. That's a bit of a pain because your work was excellent!

    I do have a request - is it possible to re-up the original Cannon Fodder release with Cannon Fodder 2 using the CD32 engine? I've already got a copy of Cannon Fodder on CD32 and I'd really like to play Cannon Fodder 2 CD32 (maybe even just remove the original Cannon Fodder as it's fairly straightforward to download the original these days).

    Unless Cannon Fodder was one of the games that was included in the takedown notice (Codemasters are quite strong on their IP I think...although they do seem to be letting go a little bit with the new Dizzy game on the Spectrum Next!)

    1. Cheers mate.

      Cannon Fodder is a Sensible game, I've never had any flak from them.

      In any case I've tried in the past with using the Cannon Fodder CD32 engine to play Cannon Fodder 2, while it technically works there are problems (mainly the palette being a mismatch), and I'd be concerned that the second game may have some features or tweaks that aren't present in the first engine.

      There's also other possibilities, the CD32Load system (an alternative to WHDLoad) can support driving the mouse cursor from the gamepad, also I could look into level select trainers as an alternative to NVRAM save games.

      In any case I've added it to the queue to investigate.

  10. Sorry i speak spanish.
    Hola, es una lastima que puedas perder todo el trabajo realizado, pero he visto que algunas cosas se pueden encontrar en google mediante el cache como esto: espero lo recuperes todo.

  11. Is there anyway to email the games to people or send a copy of it on a cd ? I thought I downloaded bubble
    Bobble trilogy but I did not :-(

  12. Bubble bobble trilogy has never been on this site. That was AmigaJay's

  13. OK thanks for getting back to me. It is a shame that you have had to remove the games you have done.

  14. So sad to hear that I used to have these older ones on a separate hard drive - will there be no way to get hold of these excellent projects going forward then as I seem to have misplaced the drive?