Monday, 11 December 2017

HUNGRYHORACE001: Cybernoid CD32 collection

Note: This is the same as the previous release, reuploaded for your gaming pleasure.

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, WHDLoad slaves by Hungry Horace
Cover: Hungry Horace, template by Steve
ISO Master and Menu: Hungry Horace

A special treat from Hungry Horace for Hewson and Cybernoid fans, both games on a single disc! With a few other treats:
  • A beautifully animated menu system for choosing the games.
  • CD32 Joypad support for both games (press RED on the menu).
  • Two button pad support for both games (press BLUE on the menu)
Both games - but especially part two - are unashamedly 80s hard. You have been warned!

Controls for two button mode:
  • Red for Fire
  • Hold Red for Special Weapon
  • Blue for Cycle Special
Controls for CD32 Joypad mode:
  • Menu: Blue (SFX Toggle)
  • Menu: Play (Show Highscores)
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Yellow = Activate Cheat
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Play = WHD Quit
  • Game: Green for Special Weapon
  • Game: Forward for Cycle Special Weapon Up
  • Game: Rewind for Cycle Special Weapon Down
  • Game: Play for Pause
  • Game: Yellow for Quit (While Paused)
  • Game: Blue for Level Skip (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)
  • Game: Green for Level Restart (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)


                    1. Could you re-up The Eric Schwartz Collection?

                      1. I've made a note to do it. I missed at least one video last time that I need to add, but I'm also tempted to do a new menu system for it. I'll see.

                      2. Hey its been a while ;), hope everything is okay. Was you able to find the last video you needed to add? Are you still tempted to do a new menu system? Hope you re-up it soon.

                      3. Sorry for the delay mate! It might still be a week or two. I'll skip the new menu system but I'll add the video I missed (it's one of the ones on Youtube)

                    2. Came across this site and it is excellent work you are doing guys.