Saturday 3 September 2022

Cobe 003: Solomon's Key 1 & 2

Solomon's Key 1 Atari ST conversion: Asman and Wanted Team
Solomon's Key 2 (aka Fire and Ice) NES port: Hukka
Coverbacking and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Something a little different today, a twin pack of both of the games in the "Solomon's Key" series. What makes it different is neither of these games have ever received a commercial Amiga release, Solomon's Key 1 is the Atari ST version unofficially hacked to work on on Amiga, whereas Solomon's Key 2 is an unofficial ground up rewrite of the NES exclusive.

Cobe has also gone the extra mile with this one - SK2 progress can be saved to NVRAM, and if you've got a keyboard you can save SK1 high scores too. Just make sure you read the select screen instructions.

An additional bonus, hold down RED or BLUE while the console is booting to see the Cracktro's for the two games.



  1. excellent Cheers! any chance of a Gauntlet trilogy with Garrison 1 and 2 added in for good measure :P

    1. That's a cool idea actually.. I'll keep it in mind, cheers.