Sunday 9 October 2022

013: Jaguar XJ220

Version 1.1 Mega Update!

For a solo release this was already jam-packed with bonuses, but we've got a few more for you!
  • Uses JOTD's brand new CD32Loader! Which gives us:
    • Zero OS flashes, resulting in far shorter load times
    • Keyboard support
      • Play - Pause (Doesn't always work)
      • Forward - Quit race
      • Hold Reverse, then Forward - Quit to menu
      • Green - Skip Language screen (only copy protection was localised)
      • Yellow - Skip Copy protection screen
    • My custom Brazil 1 track (inspired by Buggy Boy's "Offroad") now works!
  • Live action intro upgraded to HAM 8
  • Menu music
  • "Jaguar XJ220: The Demo" for completionists
  • Easter eggs accessible from the menu?

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Mr Larmer and CFOU!
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

I had this almost ready to go before the rebuild started, so I thought I'd take a break from fixing/enhancing the previous releases and get this out the door!

Jaguar XJ220 Turbo Challenge by Core is a fantastic arcade racer and is quite possibly our most bonus-laden solo release to boot. Features:
  • Latest WHDLoad slave - copy protection screen so no keyboard is required (but useful if you want to tinker with tracks)
  • Two CDXL intros, both the Mega/Sega CD intro and the promo video for the real XJ220 have been included.
  • Since saving is unfortunately impossible, I've chucked in four saves at the world selection screen (after completing England) with fully fixed cars and $65000 in cash (one and two player, automatic and manual).
  • Sixteen audio tracks that can be listened to in a music player (press PLAY to quit out to the music player). Includes all twelve of the tracks from the Mega/Sega CD release plus four fan remixes:
    • "Moody Breeze - Speedy Breeze" by Coups
    • "Autobahn" by Nixdorux
    • "Title" by Odee
    • "Misty Ride on the A23" by Selecta Novel
  • Five exclusive tracks that can be accessed through the "load track" button. They're not meant to be commercial quality, just fun gimmicks. They are:
    • Pukekohe Raceway, replaces England 1
    • Monaco, replaces Canada 1
    • Irohazaka, replaces Italy 1
    • Tiny Track (14 laps!) replaces Germany 1
    • Rollercoaster, replaces France 1
(There's actually six tracks, the sixth is one based on Buggy Boy's "Offroad" and occupies the Brazil 1 slot but it unfortunately doesn't seem to work on a real CD32. Also please bear in mind that the disc is a bit slow loading!)

Intro 1: Sega/Mega CD

 Intro 2: Promotional video

(1.0 download removed. New download above)


  1. says file removed when you click the download link

    1. Whoops, that was embarrassing. Thanks for spotting so quickly.

  2. No problem ��

  3. Excellent Release, thanks Eric :)

  4. Hello everybody, my name is Marco (Coups), I am the author of "Speedy Breeze". I was very surprised and pleased to see that you have chosen my remix for this unofficial release of the game.

    Just wanted to say thank you!

    If anyone wants to contact me, you can write to

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  6. Clicking on the Cover link produces a small thumbnail only. don't know if this is by design?..

    keep up the great work :-)

    1. Well that was embarrassing!

      The original image now shows when you click the link. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. MP3 quality only? Lucky I have the Mega CD version with the CDDA audio tracks. Why was the original Amiga music not available as a choice? I'd have loved to have heard this coming out of my Amiga CD32,

    1. I think what I had to work with was MP3 to begin with (someone uploading the Mega Drive version after converting to MP3 to save space etc).

      The CD player application only plays CD audio tracks, on some releases I've included Mod and CD players. At some stage I may update this release to include the Amiga audio tracks with a compatible mod player.

    2. That'd be great. The MODs always sound better than the CD audio anyway, and I'd love to have this with the MOD tracks available on my CD32. Yey :D

  8. Keeps saying problem reloading, cant download

  9. MEGA link is ok. Thanks Erik

  10. Actually my download fails at 80 or 81% tried twice.

  11. Great add ons! This is why rebooting Amiga games on CD32 is great!