Saturday 31 October 2020

010: Cannon Fodder Collection

Sensible Software (New Campaign: Orson and Korni)
Uses: WHDLoad and all slaves by Wepl
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Update. Latest release uses full freeware version of WHDLoad so that all Cannon Fodders can be loaded on FastRAM equipped CD32s.

Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder: The New Campaign use original (non WHDLoad) CD32 version now, so saving is possible on those two games again, though there's now a warning that saving will wipe all of the other games in NVRAM. Note that they share the same CD32 save slot, so progress in one will also count in the other.

Every Cannon Fodder game on Amiga!
  • Cannon Fodder (CD32 version)
  • Cannon Fodder + (Slave)
  • Cannon Soccer (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder: New Campaign (Using CD32 engine)
  • Cannon Fodder 2 (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder 2: The Alien Levels (Slave)
  • Not Very Festive Fodder (Slave)
  • As well as the Cannon Fodder 1 FMV intro in CDXL format
With the exception of the original game and the new campaign, all of these require a mouse. If you want to be able to play them with a gamepad I recommend looking into Kipper 2K's PSX Adapter, it features a mouse mode that works with the games perfectly.

Selection screen

CDXL intro


  1. Why did you release the normal stand alone Cannon Fodder before this one?

  2. Philosophy - the previous release could essentially be considered to be a "fix" for the original Cannon Fodder release (as it really should have came with a CDXL intro to begin with), this one's an entirely new release for the completionists.

  3. Does this collection work with a keyboard or we only need a mouse?..
    congratulations for your excellent work...keep doin' it!!!

  4. You don't need a keyboard to play but you might find one useful to pause, escape etc.

    Cheers :)

  5. I have a ps2 port keyboard so if I find an adapter to plug onto my amiga then I may use it instead of a mouse that right?..

  6. I don't know if Cannon Fodder can be played with just the keyboard. If you really don't want to use a mouse I recommend getting a Playstation 1 controller and the PSX adapter (linked in the post), it can simulate a mouse and works with the games well.

  7. loving these games! Cheers. it appears that the red button (original Release) is loading the Cannon Fodder: New Campaign levels and so is the yellow button

  8. No problem! They use the same engine so they look identical up until the level starts (just the layout levels are different, not any of the other content)

  9. Yeah I thought that! but the original version isn't loading the original levels when the game starts (I'm guessing that the the red button is pointing to the wrong game file on the disk)

  10. Ah, whoops! Thanks for that, we'll post an update soon.

    1. No worries �� any chance of syndicate with the American Revolt add on in the future :)

    2. We'll keep that in mind :)

      New update is in the post.

  11. Hello there.
    First of all congratulations for this awesome work.

    Still i have to inform i have some problems here.
    I'm using the original Paul Willingham's PSX adapter, and it seems i can't go further from the menu screen. Same happens with the SOTB compilation, it always "auto-starts" the first game in the menu.

    If i unplug the pad it seems to boot up properly and it stays on the menu.
    You've adviced to use the Kipper2k adapter, so i assume this issue is not taking place with this revision...

    Any idea?

  12. Hi David,

    I might need to double check myself but make sure that you've got
    - A regular CD32 pad in port 1
    - The PSX pad standing in as a fake mouse in port 2

    (IIRC on a CD32 the joystick port is labelled as port 1 and the mouse port is labelled as port 2)

  13. Hello Erik, thank you for the reply.
    You're right, as long as they're "mouse controlled" games, i would only need to plug a CD32 pad in port 1, and the PS1 set as emulated mouse in port 2.

    Everything works perfectly now.

    However i'm still experiencing the same problem with the "Shadow of the Beast Collection"... I'm posting in that thread for general knowledge.

  14. I just want to know if the issue I'm having here is my burn of this (and I'll reburn) or if the disc is meant to operate in this fashion. On both Cannon Fodder 1 and 2 I have odd cutouts on both the audio and video. It's like the game pauses everything for a second to load the next segment. It does this on the title screens, the Mission objective screens (When it loads a mission and tells you your objectives) and on the post-mission screen where it gives you the survivors and the deceased. Is it meant to suffer these odd cutouts or is my disc just being silly?
    I'm playing on a CD32 btw.

  15. Fantastic job! But how did you convert the intro in CDXL?