Sunday, 29 July 2018

007: Eric W Schwartz Collection

Update: The republish of this is the same as the previous release, except last time I had somehow missed the Amiga Song. That's now on this disc, so this is closer to 100% complete.

All Art © Eric W Schwartz. This is not an authorised release.
ISO Master: Earok
Cover: Earok (Template by Steve)

This one has been a long time coming!
  • Well over 80 of Eric W Schwartz's finest works, from the late 1980s through to the early 2010s! Including many short cartoons, looping animations, tutorials and even an image browser.
  • Although all animations can be watched individually, playlists of select animations are also available:
    • Aerotoons
    • Amy the Squirrel
    • Flip the Frog
    • The Juggette
    • Sabrina and Red Shetland
    • Other notable Cartoons (Anti-Lemmings, Morphy the Magic Man etc)
  • For the first time in CDXL format, the animations "Amy: A Walk in the Park", "Amiga Tribute" and "Only Amiga"
Where possible, animations are in their original "MovieSetter" format. Many have been converted to Anim5 in order to run within the CD32's tight RAM limitations. This disc would not have been possible without RandelShofer's incredibly exhaustive page on Eric Schwartz's animations, where many of the converted animations were sourced from.

A few notes:
  • The animations are sometimes unapologetically un-PC. As such, they're not for everyone!
  • Most animations (the CDXL ones excluded) will loop continually until you hit the "blue" button.
  • The audio is glitchy on some animations, apologies, I'm unable to fix that.
  • NTSC is recommended (in PAL some animations have glitches near the bottom of the screen)
  • The "Girls of ES Productions" application will quit from the menu. You'll need to restart the console to get back in to it.


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