Wednesday 28 December 2022

014: Ultimate Fighters

Version 1.1 update

  • "Art of Breaking Heads" has been dropped from the roster due to issues getting it to load from disc. The replacement is "WWF Wrestlemania"
  • Shadow Fighter has been changed from the CD32 edition to the AGA one. While the CD32 version would not seem to load at all, the loading times are still very long. My recommendation is to burn the original CD32 edition if you really want to play it on a real console.
  • Only the Ultimate Body Blows soundtrack is included now, reducing download and burn times.
  • Reliability tweaks to Street Fighter 2 and Shaq Fu


Cover: Earok (Template by Steve)
Menu System: Code by Earok, Design by Steve
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, CD32Load by JOTD

Thanks to numerous WHDLoad slave authors whose work is featured here. I've not credited them directly on this post, but they're all credited within the compilation itself.

This is my soft-retirement post. I'm moving into the world of commercial Amiga game development as part of the PixelGlass team, so I can no longer justify the time and effort required to churn out these unofficial discs. I may be back at some stage, but certainly not this year.

So I'm going out with a bang - this is the largest themed collection this site has ever produced, 40 fighting games across numerous different styles, most of the notable fighters are there as well as some rather obscure AMOS efforts.

This is also the first time I've written a menu system entirely from scratch, as it was my intention to write bespoke menus for each new release. All forty fighters can be selected on a menu screen that resembles your typical Street Fighter 2 clone menu (you can even choose randomly - press blue to move the cursor to a different game).

The complete list:
  • Art of Breaking Heads (broken)
  • Best of the Best
  • Body Blows AGA
  • Body Blows Galactic AGA
  • Body Blows (Ultimate)
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury
  • Budokan
  • Chambers of Shaolin
  • Doman
  • Double Dragon
  • Double Dragon 2
  • Double Dragon 3
  • Dragon Ninja
  • Dynamite Dux
  • Elf Mania
  • Fatal Impact
  • Fightin Spirit
  • Final Fight
  • Franko
  • Full Contact
  • Golden Axe
  • International Karate +
  • Karate Kid Part II
  • Karateka
  • Mad Fighters II
  • Master Axe
  • Mortal Kombat 1
  • Mortal Kombat 2
  • Motorhead
  • Ninja Mission
  • Pit Fighter
  • Rise of the Robots
  • Shadow Fighter (seems to be broken on real CD32, ok on emulation)
  • Shaq Fu (possibly control related issues on real CD32)
  • Street Fighter 2 (possibly control related issues on real CD32)
  • Street Fighter 2 New Challengers DX
  • Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  • Super TaeKwanDoMaster
  • Sword of Sodan
  • Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Coin-Op


  1. thanks for the amazing effort you put in to these games :)

  2. Likewise, thanks a lot. These were the main reason I've been investing into CD32 for me :)

  3. Your work is awesome and you deserve alot more credit. Good luck with the commercial games.