Monday 5 June 2017

002: Inherit the Earth

5th June 2017 - This one has been re-released more or less as it was, as there were no changes that I wanted to make. However, a zip version is included for HDD equipped Amigas.

Wyrmkeep Entertainment / Realogic / Softdisk
Cover: Steve
ISO Remaster: Earok
Thanks to anonymous for uploading the original file!

Something of a holy grail for us is the uncovered English language version of the adventure game "Inherit the Earth". This charming adventure game featuring furries anthropomorphic animals was already released for the Amiga in German but (to the best of our knowledge) the unreleased English version has never been on the Internet - until now.

This is largely the same to what appeared on an Amiga Future cover disc several years ago but with a few changes:
  • Signed with a trademark file so it will boot on a stock CD32.
  • The "Bonus" folder from the German release is included, which includes: mod files, animations, CDXL videos, AGA and ECS demo versions of the German release.
  • Manual PDF is also included in the Bonus folder (sourced from:
  • The startup-sequence is the same except for the addition of a doublespeed command
Given that this is an unreleased beta version, I had to give it a full playthrough with walkthrough (on a real CD32) before publishing it here. I'm happy to say that this appears to be the complete game, all of the gameplay appears to be intact and it's all in English, both text and voices from start to end.

There are some issues though - movement is often sluggish, the "use" command sometimes misfires (eg it attempts using the object on itself when you wanted to use it with something else on screen), and I had no less than two full crashes and one fatal bug (in all fairness this could just be because of misreads from my CD32 drive). Make sure you safe often!

Some other things to note:
  • NVRAM saving is a feature, but you'll need around 83 blocks free (!) I'm afraid you might need to drop that Simon the Sorcerer save file.
  • Mouse is not required, gamepad works just fine.
  • Press Red+Blue to skip the length intro sequence (thanks to Cobe for working this out).
  • During the overworld and isometric sequences, you can just hold down RED to move, this might be a little quicker than just tapping RED repeatedly
There are also two executables on the disc for playing from an HD equipped Amiga, both an AGA and ECS version. However, given that the voices file is over 200mb you're either going to need a CD-ROM or a decent hard drive!

(Edit: I've received confirmation that this works just fine on an A1200 with a compact flash "hard drive" and a Blizzard accelerator card, as well as a 4mb ECS A600 with cd rom)

(As a side note, a modern version of the game is available from Wyrmkeep, GOG and Steam. Also the game inspired a sequel web comic that's been running for ten years!)


  1. Says "Enter decryption key" when attempting to download.

  2. Whoops, I should have tested the link - it should be fine just now.

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  4. Hi. Wouldnt be there a better version of the cover? Preferrably in other than JPG format. There are serioun artifacts, especially in rear part.

  5. Wow thank you can't wait to play it