Monday, 11 April 2016

Tanks Furry [CD32][SX32]

Project R3D (Trailer: Pixel Nation)
Cover: Steve
ISO Master + CDXL Conversion: Earok

Tanks Furry is one of the seldom few commercial games released for the classic 68k Amiga in the past few years. Shamelessly old school, the game combines the reflex oriented gameplay of any number of arcade classics with the aesthetics of Advance Wars. On top of that, two player co-operative and four player deathmatch are also supported.

Fortunately for the CD32 community, Tanks Furry has now officially been re-released as freeware by the generous developers, so we've quickly put together a release of the game alongside a CDXL version of the trailer. Another feature exclusive to our release is that pause button is mapped to "blue" on player one's pad.

Note that this is the regular edition of the game, not the exclusive IndieGO edition that was just distributed to backers of that project. And also that the physical release is also still for sale.


Trivia: The title is actually correct, the Tank Drivers in the game are Anthropomorphic animals, ie Furries. 

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