Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wonderdog [CD32][SX32][Cobe][Approved]

Core Design
Uses: CD32Load by JOTD, Slave by JOTD and Bored Seal
Cover, backing and Label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe
Special Edition hacks: Earok
Special thanks to Dan Scott

Time for another re-release!

Wonderdog is a game that I didn't give a fair go during our original release. While it's certainly yet another "animal with attitude" platformer, it's surprisingly deep and playable once you really get into it. Worlds, enemies, bonuses, bosses, secret rooms and even secret levels are plentiful! The gliding mechanic and aimable weapon (the longer you hold fire, the higher it'll arch upwards) are also quite nifty. On top of everything else, the game features a password save system so an average gamer has a reasonable shot at being able to beat it.

Cobe was fortunate enough to receive the blessing of original coder Dan Scott for his efforts (whose handwriting graces the updated cover) so we've decided to dust off the release and give it a little more love.

First up - some of the levels have had their palettes altered to more closely resemble the vibrant feel of the Mega CD original. While we understand the artist may have designed the palette with Amiga monitors in mind, we feel that the more saturated palette suits the console oriented nature of our release.

(Original on the left, new on the right)

Secondly, it wouldn't be a proper CD32 platformer unless jump was on a button rather than the dpad. We've done this, just tap Blue to jump and hold Blue to glide.

Thirdly, we're now using the magic of JOTD's CD32Load. No OS flashes, pause with play, quit with forward+reverse. Toggle music/sfx from the menu with blue.

And of course all of the bonuses from the previous release are still there:
  • CDXL intro from the Mega CD version
  • Alternative HAM6 CDXL intro. Smaller screen but more colours. Hold down FORWARD+REVERSE on startup to see this.
  • All of the level passwords are on the title screen, in case you forget or get stuck!
  • Infinite lives trainer can also be activated from the title screen.
  • The original ISO is still present in the download if you prefer one button controls and the original palette.
CDXL Intro



  1. I have an issue with this game :( As soon as the cut scene is over I get black screen and nothing else. The game does not start. Any help in this regard?

  2. Strange... Are you playing it on real CD32 or with WinUAE? Both Erik and I tested it and it worked. I tried it again, downloaded it from here and it works. Cobe

  3. Puuurreee real. In fact it is not the only game it does it. Let's, lots, of games in CD32 compilation does it do.

  4. If you want I can send you video.

  5. You don't have to. I'm currently out of empty cds. When I get them I'll notice you how the things are here on real CD32. But if you have problems with lots of games from compilation too maybe the issue can be related somewhere between your CD32 / cd media you use / your burner.

  6. Agreed with Prvo - might be worth trying a different brand of media (Verbatim is the only brand that's worked consistently for me, though I think Imation is good too). Also certain games won't work if the language on the console is set to anything other than English (I cant explain why this is).

  7. OK! I tell you what. I will get Verbatim CD and redo compilation in all of them and see if that solved the problem. My CD 32 is always set as English and I only tend to use my console bare setting no expansion on it. So if there are certain games that require expansions then there is nothing else I can do about it.. However, one thing I want to do is get the ps/2 keyboard adapter as some games do require keyboards to work.

  8. Would you write us some titles from earoks 160 compilation that dont work for you?

  9. Tomorrow I will write down all the titles that failed with me. But before I make you think you are to be blamed there is a great chance the CD company is not compatible 100% with my console and this is why it fails in some games and work on others.

    This is why I am going to buy the company name you mentioned and try the burning again and see if that works out or not.

    I do know Inheritance the earth game works 100% but the only problem I have with it...is that it is hideously slow. That is the only part I find it annoying. I wish there some FPGA project that makes the console run at 100 Mhz or something so game speed is no longer a factor.

  10. Wonderdog on real CD32
    Not so playable with one hand :)

  11. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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  13. On my CD32 it stops working after intro animation & main menu, the actual gameplay won't load. Burnt on a Imation 700 MB CD-R.