Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Heli Attack Triple Pack! [CD32][SX32]

It just happens we were working on three separate projects that revolved around Helicopter shoot-em-ups, so we thought, why not release them all at once!


Virgin Games. Slave by Codetapper. ISO by Earok, covers by Steve and Earok

This beautifully rendered Choplifter / Fort Apocalypse clone is the only standalone release in the pack. This is one I've wanted to play on CD32 for quite some time, but it was impractical to do so without gamepad support. Thanks to the magic of JOTD's CD32Load, the game is now fully CD32 pad compliant.

Three covers are included, one by myself with the really cool Blue Thunder image by JCH. The other ones are by Steve and are much more faithful to the original box art, thanks to a collector for sending in high resolution scans.

(PS - AmigaJay, we stole your A500 Classics logo. Hope that's ok!)

Zeewolf Collection

Binary Asylum. Slaves by John Girvin. Cover by Steve. ISO Master by Earok.

A duo of fantastic Amiga-Exclusive 3D games. This one was a popular request for some time, but a release has only recently become practical thanks again to CD32Load!  We've taken full advantage of John Girvin's slaves, offering the ability to skip right to eight different missions in the first game, and all thirty two in the second. And maybe a trainer option. Shhh.

In addition to full CD32 Pad support, you can activate a Virtual Keyboard to access all other missions and cheats that are only available from the password screen (such as 'FRAMPAGE' to access the Kestrel Jet).

Strike Collection

Cover and select screen by Steve. ISO Master and CDXL conversions by Earok.

Three games from the legendary franchise, and one "Inspired by" game.
  • Desert Strike (EA): Using CD32Load and Abaddon's brand new slave, the game is fully gamepad compliant, loads without OS flashes, allows trainers and level select on startup, defaults to NTSC (for full screen and silky smooth updates) and has guns/hydras/hellfires mapped to separate buttons exactly like the Mega Drive edition (no more fumbling with the select key in the middle of a heated battle!). Huge thanks to Abaddon for putting up with my constant feature requests and implementing all of them!
  • Jungle Strike (Ocean / EA): This is the plain-old CD32 version, but with the option of two intros - the PC CDROM DOS version and alternative "comedy" intro.
  • Urban Strike Game Gear (Black Pearl / EA): Don't flip, this isn't anything amazing. It's just the emulated Game Gear version, which is too slow to be really playable on anything underneath a 68030. It's included just as a gimmick.
  • Seek and Destroy (Vision / Mindscape): A fun little top down shoot-em-up, it notably features extensive voice acting, smooth rotating graphics and a two player mode where the second player controls the Apache's weapon systems. This again is the stock CD32 game.

DOWNLOAD (Games and Covers)

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