Friday, 1 January 2016

Gods [CD32] [SX32]

Conversion: Galahad
Cover: Steve
Alternative Intro: Rikonami, converted by Earok

Our last 2015 release! The legendary Bitmap Bros puzzle platformer is now on CD32, thanks to the efforts of Galahad! This is a full blown CD32 port, with custom controls and a proper CD32 loader (no OS Flashes on this one!)

Red: Action
Yellow: Pause
Play: Quit

There's also an alternative intro chucked in, we've converted Rikonami's HD intro to AGA HAM 8 CDXL. We've had to down mix it down to a lower frame rate to maintain as much quality as we can - while it's only 5 FPS it's almost full screen and (for a CDXL video) looks stunning.

We've tentatively tagged this as being SX32 compatible - please let us know if you have any trouble playing it on an upgraded CD32.


  1. Nice one, guys! Do you think about a standalone version of Chaos Engine 2 based on the AGA version? This game is really underrated. A very good two player challenge that should really suit to the CD32 ;-)