Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

EDIT: The community collection has been updated further since we made this Christmas Post.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

The Amiga Community have delivered some big presents this year. First and foremost, WHDLoad is now freeware, and we're all hugely grateful to Wepl for it. What this potentially means for us is that - since we're no longer limited to the CD32 edition of WHDLoad - we can support Fast RAM equipped CD32s with our future releases or re-releases.

Secondly, one of the very few commercial CD32 games to be released lately, Viddi's Tales of Gorluth, is also now freeware! If you haven't already I strongly urge you to look into preordering the sequel. I doubt we'll ever see a CD32 release of the original game due to the memory requirements, but I'll certainly look into it.

Thirdly, Kev McG has posted a bunch of Sci-Fi themed worms levels in the Commodore Amiga Facebook group. Will they ever be included as part of our releases? Quite possibly ;)

But finally, there's a three pack of Christmas releases from us.

1: From Psygore, another "secret" CD32 release of an AGA Platformer. Cover and controls screen by Steve, CDXL conversion by Earok. There's already a jewel-case formatted cover for this on the CD32 covers blog.

2: From Galahad, the beta CD32 release of the high quality PD platformer Solid Gold. Since this is a beta, please do not distribute separately as it'll eventually be replaced by a full blown release.

3: From the wider CD32 community: 101 games and demos in the 2015 CD32 Amiga Community Compilation. Except for Nittamituaki Elves' Dreamland (a last minute addition), all of them are represented in screenshots below. As you can see there's a huge variety of unreleased commercial games, full PD games, demos of upcoming releases, demoscene productions, Atari ST ports, Gloom mods and more.

(All of these have been tested under an emulated environment, not all of them have been tested on a real CD32. Let me know if there are any problems).


  1. You're doing good stuff man! Keep it up :)

  2. Great collection, if possible can you add zerosphere, dying to play this one!