Saturday, 5 December 2015

It's a Knockout! 2015-2016

An Amiga "World Cup" of sorts is being run through the English Amiga Board and Lemon Amiga, involving five games where high scores are chased over several weeks until an ultimate winner emerges.

When we heard about this we decided to whip together a quick compilation for CD32 owners. Qualifying round ends on the 12th of December at 12:59 GMT, so make sure you've posted your SWIV score by then (see links above).

This tentatively has approval as an official means to enter the contest, but we'll post here again if for any reason we've had to pull the ISO.
  • The Qualifying Round: SWIV (Slave: Mr Larmer, Harry and Psygore)
  • The Group Round: Lotus III (CD32 trilogy included)
  • The Quarter Finals: SWOS 96-97 (JST Slave: JOTD)
  • The Semi Finals: F1-GP (This is the official EAB/Lemon contest version, albeit with a copy protection crack. Use green or yellow to type in at the password screen, and then red to press enter. Note a keyboard is strongly recommended, especially for turning down the level of detail with ALT+D for a faster framerate).
  • The Grand Finals: The Giana Sisters (Slave: Harry and Psygore)

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