Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rise of the Robots: Special Edition

Cover: Steve
ISO Master and tweaks: Earok

Rise of the Robots was one of the largest let downs in the gaming history - massively hyped and massively underwhelming. The Amiga version in particular was a disappointment, earning a scathing 5% from Amiga Power. Despite that, it has a surprising number of cult fans (myself included) and for them I present our "Special Edition" with numerous tweaks and fixes - several of them directly resolving issues that were raised in that review.
  • Beginner-Medium difficulty fix: Blocked blows do no damage to either player. This resolves the issue where you can get through most of the game by holding UP+RIGHT+FIRE, and as a consequence makes the game much more challenging.
  • Hard difficulty fix: Any non-blocked blow, regardless of how weak it is, does at least some damage.
  • Mirror match: The red cyborg is now the first enemy you face.
  • Once only: You don't need to face all regular opponents a second time before you face Supervisor.
  • Supervisor: Now available in both training and two player modes.
  • Military vs Military bout: The one and only way to fight without the Cyborg can be triggered from the main menu with the blue button.
  • CDXL intro: An extended 3 minute intro scene featuring the attract sequence from the arcade version.
  • New or adjusted backgrounds: Four of the seven backgrounds have been tweaked, or replaced entirely - including one adapted from the sequel.
  • Adjusted death screens: Some other ports had animated death sequences, so I've included some of the additional frames on the static death screens for Sentry and Supervisor. The additional frames come from the SNES and DOS versions, respectively.
  • Shadows: Turned on by default.
  • Misc: Tweaks to the intro text.


  1. Oh thanks!
    A sample video.


  2. Thanks for posting the video mate, much appreciated ;) it broke my heart to see you lose to Crusher by so little.

    1. My pleasure.
      Oh don't worry, I just made a very fast video.
      I can beat it if you like :-D

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