Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cobe Pack: Final Odyssey / The Strangers + Bonus [Keyboard required]

Games originally published by Vulcan software. All ISO masters and CDXL conversions by Cobe.

Two flashy looking Vulcan games from late in the Amiga's life "Final Odyssey" and "The Strangers", together on one disc. Unfortunately they're both sadly keyboard required - easiest thing to do is to order a Lyra 3 adapter and find an old PS/2 keyboard, or to just play on WinUAE.

Covers are included in the download, and it's also bundled with two existing CD32 titles - Litil Divil and Flink, but with intros from the Philips CD-I and Sega / Mega CD versions of the games respectively (these do not include the CDDA files for either game, you may want to source the originals and burn the Cue files but with these versions substituted in).

Flink CDXL Intro

 Litil Divil CDXL Intro


  1. Great to have these two quality Vulcan games finally working on the CD32 & better still on a single disk. Cheers

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