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[Sticky] F.A.Q. and CD32 free games list

Q: Download X no longer works
A: Mega occasionally has issues with downloads. If it doesn't work, give it a few hours and try again. If it still doesn't work, note the exact message and game and leave a comment on the post. Also - use Firefox or Chrome rather than IE or Safari.

Q: I can't burn the CUE/ISO for download X
A: "Burnaware Free" is my default, which I find extremely reliable. "ImgBurn" seems to be less reliable, but has a lot more features (eg support for burning ISOs).

Q: Game X is unplayable with the PSX Adapter
A: Some games are entirely incompatible with the adapter in CD32 mode, try playing it in the 1 or 2 button configuration.

Q: Do these work on a real CD32?
A: Yes, in every case they've been tested on a CD32, although I haven't checked each and every single game on the 160 game compilation.

Q: In some platformers, you need to press up to jump. Can you make it so that on all platformers you can press a button instead?
A: We can't, simply because adding that functionality usually requires a custom patch in the WHDLoad slave, and implementing these is beyond my current technical ability. Normally, if this ability exists in the WHDLoad slave (eg Giana Sisters), I'll enable it. The best solution is using a third party controller like the AmiPad 32 where spare buttons are mapped to up, or the PSX adapters by Paul Willingham and Kipper2K that allows you to custom map buttons to up.

Q: On some games, the screen flashes repeatedly.
A: This is an unfortunate consequence of games that were only designed to load from floppy disc being loaded through WHDLoad or JOTD startup. Since the release of JOTD's "CD32 Load", some of these games can be loaded with far shorter times.

Q: Would you consider porting game X?
A: Absolutely, just let us know what games you'd like to see and we'll consider them. A few things to keep in mind however -
  1. We absolutely will not port games that are still for sale through ACP&TCP, AmigaKit etc
  2. Certain games we can't currently do due to technical limitations on a stock CD32, eg Primal Rage, Onescappe, Doom. We may consider doing these for SX-32 owners at a later date.
  3. We usually don't do games that are unplayable without the keyboard (we'd only make an exception to this for special cases, such as SOTB2 on the larger Shadow of the Beast collection)
  4. We do prefer doing games that we can bundle bonuses into, such as a new CDXL intro or one ported from a different version of the game.

This is an WIP attempt to provide a list of all currently available free CD32 ISO downloads, either unofficial releases or official ones that aren't on emulator sites, torrent sites etc. If we're missing any, please let me know in the comments below.

General compilations
  1. Amiga Community Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  2. CD32 160 Game Compilation [CD32.co.uk]
  3. CD32 Compilation Volume 1 [Scorpion]
  4. CD32 Compilation Volume 2 [Scorpion]
  5. CD32 PD Compilation [AmigaPD]
  6. Earok's Birthday Mix 2015 [CD32.co.uk]
  7. It's a Knockout! [CD32.co.uk]
Themed compilations
  1. Big Red Adventure + Nippon Safes Inc [Cobe]*
  2. Bitmap Bros Collection [CD32covers.blogspot.co.uk]
  3. Bubble Bobble Trilogy [CD32covers.blogspot.co.uk]
  4. Football Glory (Includes related games) [CD32.co.uk] *
  5. Giana Sisters CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  6. James Pond CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  7. Liquid Skids / Snow Bros [CD32covers.blogspot.co.uk]
  8. Hybris & Battle Squadron [RGCD]
  9. Indie Heat / Super Offroad Collection [CD32covers.blogspot.co.uk]
  10. Kick Off CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  11. Lemmings CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  12. RGCD Arcade Volume 1 [RGCD]
  13. RGCD Arcade Volume 2 [RGCD]
  14. RGCD Arcade Volume 3 [RGCD]
  15. RGCD Arcade Volume 4 [RGCD]
  16. RGCD Racers [RGCD]
  17. Rick Dangerous CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  18. R-Types [RGCD]
  19. Silkworm Collection [RGCD]
  20. Shadow of the Beast Trilogy [CD32.co.uk]
  21. Solomon's Key 1 & 2 [Cobe]
  22. Supercars CD32 Collection [CD32.co.uk]
  23. Turrican Anthology [CD32.co.uk]
  24. Turrican Collection [RGCD]
  25. Ultimate Amiga Dizzy Collection [CD32covers.blogspot.co.uk]
  26. Virtual Karting 1 & 2 [Cobe]
  27. Vision Collection [RGCD]
  28. X-Out / Z-Out [RGCD]
Solo games
  1. Aladdin [CD32.co.uk]
  2. Alien Breed 3D (No copy protection) [CD32.co.uk]
  3. Aunt Arctic Adventure [Kloks]
  4. Boppin [RGCD]
  5. Breathless [CD32.co.uk]
  6. Cannon Fodder (+CDXL Intro) [CD32.co.uk]
  7. Cardiaxx [RGCD]
  8. Duck Tales [Kloks]
  9. Gods [CD32.co.uk]
  10. Empire Soccer '94 [CD32.co.uk] *
  11. Flappy Bird [CD32.co.uk]
  12. Final Odyssey [Cobe]
  13. Flink (+CDXL Intro) [Cobe]
  14. Fly Harder [RGCD]
  15. Great Giana Sisters [CD32.co.uk]
  16. Inherit the Earth [CD32.co.uk]
  17. Legend of Kyrandia [Cobe]
  18. Lionheart [CD32.co.uk]
  19. Lion King [CD32.co.uk]
  20. Litil Divil (+CDXL Intro) [Cobe]
  21. Jaguar XJ220 [CD32.co.uk]
  22. Jumping Jack Son [Kloks]
  23. Marble Madness [Kloks]
  24. Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix [CD32.co.uk]
  25. Micro Machines [Kloks]
  26. Motörhead [Cobe]
  27. Mutant League Hockey [CD32.co.uk]
  28. Nebulus [Kloks]
  29. Nemac IV: The Director's Cut [CD32.co.uk]
  30. Ninja Warriors [Kloks]
  31. Phoenix Fighters [RGCD]
  32. Prince of Persia [Kloks]
  33. Putty Squad [CD32.co.uk]
  34. Quasar Wars [RGCD]
  35. Rally Championships [CD32.co.uk] *
  36. Rise of the Robots Special Edition [CD32.co.uk]
  37. Ruff N Tumble [CD32.co.uk] *
  38. Saint Dragon [RGCD]
  39. Slam Tilt [CD32.co.uk]
  40. Solid Gold BETA [CD32.co.uk]
  41. Strangers [Cobe]
  42. Speris Legacy (No copy protection) [CD32.co.uk]
  43. Stunt Car Racer [CD32.co.uk]
  44. Tearaway Thomas [CD32.co.uk]
  45. Toki [Kloks]
  46. Tony & Friends in Kellog's Land (German) [Kloks]
  47. Tiny Troops [Cobe]
  48. Tubular Worlds [RGCD]
  49. Uridium 2 [RGCD]
  50. Virocop [RGCD]
  51. Watchtower [RGCD] *
  52. Wonderdog [Cobe]
  53. Worms (No copy protection) [CD32.co.uk]
  54. Xtreme Racing [CD32.co.uk] *
Authorised releases (Not 100% certain all of these are authorised and not 100% sure these all work on a real console)
  1. Alien Breed 3D [Dream17]
  2. Alien Breed: Tower Assault [Dream17]
  3. ATR: All Terrain Racing [Dream17]
  4. Beneath a Steel Sky [Amiga Future]
  5. Clockwiser [Amiga Future]
  6. Deluxe Galaga [Amiga Future]
  7. Deluxe Pacman [Amiga Future]
  8. The Game [JayMiner]
  9. Labyrith of Time [Wyrmkeep]
  10. Logical CDTV [Amiga Future]
  11. Magic Island [Amiga Future]
  12. Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places [EAB]
  13. Naughty Ones [Amiga Future]
  14. Pinball Fantasies [Amiga Future]
  15. Shadow Fighter [Amiga Future]
  16. Sqrxz [Retroguru]
  17. Sqrxz 2 [Retroguru]
  18. Super Stardust [Dream17]
  19. The Speris Legacy [Dream17]
  20. Tie Break CDTV [Amiga Future]
  21. Wendetta 2175 [AmigaMuseum]
  22. Worms [Dream17]
* Includes that were planned for an official CD32 release, or at least previewed in CD32 mags, but never released


  1. Mortal combat page is missing.
    can be salvaged from archive.org https://web.archive.org/web/20141105074151/http://unofficial-cd32-ports.blogspot.co.nz/2014/10/guest-release-1-mortal-kombat-mortal.html

    keep up the great work (dvd case by Steve is a very small pic, can he be contacted to make upload a higher resolution?)

  2. Mortal Kombat was the subject of a DCMA takedown notice, it won't be coming back

  3. Mortal Kombat was the subject of a DCMA takedown notice, it won't be coming back

  4. I've just purchased a CD32 as I missed my original. Going to try my hand at using some of these. Is there any chance of getting FIFA soccer at all on CD32 or Total Football? Long live Amiga.

    1. I've been talking about it with my collaborator, FIFA's already on the 160 game collection, Total Football isn't but is a definite possibility. Stay tuned!

    2. Excellent work chaps. You are the Masters. Such dedication and attention to detail. Well done!

    3. Excellent work chaps. You are the Masters. Such dedication and attention to detail. Well done!

  5. Any plans for CD32 Starwars trilogy compilation ?

    1. Not at the moment sorry! I'll keep it in mind, maybe for when the release date for Rogue One comes closer.

    2. Hi, testing some stuff out atm for a Star Wars disc since I saw your comment, hoping to get this out for one of my releases in July for you.

  6. Would you consider porting advantage tennis, warmup and epic? Thanks to your work, I still have a lot of fun with my cd32.

    1. Epic is definitely planned but we're not able to get it to work reliably yet. I believe my friend at cd32covers.blogspot.com is planning a Tennis pack.

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  9. Guys, ever fancied doing Payback from Apex Designs. Class game

  10. Guys, ever fancied doing Payback from Apex Designs. Class game

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  12. Great stuff! How about a Graftgold collection? Sensible Software collection? Rainbow Arts collection? Team 17 collection? Bullfrog collection?

    1. We'll keep them in mind but I'm semi-retired from the project ;)

      http://cd32covers.blogspot.co.nz/ has already done a complete Team 17 collection.

  13. I kind of made an official port (the makers thanked me) for gravity force II, gravity power, see here http://www.lysator.liu.se/~jensa/gf2/

  14. Hiho ,

    can anyone make a Port of Oil Imperium (German) and English for CD32? A CD with Tradergames is missing :-)