Thursday, 21 May 2015

Virus alert [Every game now restored]

Every game on the site has been manually checked for viruses, and fixed where necessarily - in most cases they've been updated too.

If you're worried that your Amiga system may be affected, please download and run VirusZ ( This is being used to check each and every upload as I redo it.

These downloads are now verified to be clean:
  1. 160 game compilation
  2. 2014 Amiga Community Collection
  3. 4D Sports Driving (Now with Gemini's track pack)
  4. Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (Now with save files for every level)
  5. Alien Breed Saga (As above, save files for every level, plus menu music)
  6. Birthday Collection (Lotus 1 floppy disk version replaced with Lotus Trilogy CD32)
  7. Breathless (Now with control screen music)
  8. Bomberman Collection (Now with select screen music, and adjustments to the screen modes of Dynablaster)
  9. Cannon Fodder
  10. Cannon Fodder Collection
  11. Dune 2 (Save files, multiple languages and gameplay tweaks)
  12. Empire Soccer 94
  13. Flappy Bird (Now supports score saving)
  14. Flashback (Now with five languages)
  15. Flight of the Amazon Queen (Now with 49 save files and the "Interview" mini game)
  16. Football Glory (Now with title screen music)
  17. Giana Sisters (Now with bonus music player)
  18. Giana Sisters Collection (Now with title screen music)
  19. James Pond Collection (Now with select screen music)
  20. Leading Lap (Now with Amiga 500 version included)
  21. Lemmings (Massive update! Lemmings 1/2/3/Xmas 1991/Xmas 1992 are playable with joypad, with improvements to ONML too)
  22. Inherit the Earth (This was always clean)
  23. Kick Off Collection (Now with faster slave for KO2, and title screen music from KO3 and Goal)
  24. Legend of Kyrandia
  25. Lionheart (Now with title screen music)
  26. Microprose Formula 1 GP (Now with title screen music and final 2014 patch)
  27. Nemac IV: Director's Cut (Now with working audio and saves for all 40 levels)
  28. Rally Championships (Now with optional Amiga 500 version)
  29. Rick Dangerous Collection (Now with menu music)
  30. Ruff N Tumble (Now with bonus music player)
  31. Scorpion Vol 1
  32. Scorpion Vol 2 (With a fix to Alien Breed TA)
  33. Sensible World of Soccer (Replaced Train Spotting with Microprose Soccer)
  34. Shadow of the Beast Trilogy
  35. Slam Tilt (Now with select screen music)
  36. Solomon's Key 1 & 2
  37. Stunt Car Racer (Now with boost cheat)
  38. Supercars Collection (Massive update! Now with Supercars III and Supercars International for PC, plus music player and Supercars International gameplay video)
  39. Tearaway Thomas (Now with bonus music player)
  40. Tiny Troops (Now with better joypad support)
  41. Virtual Karting 1 & 2
  42. Wonderdog
  43. Worms Collection (Now with Kirby levels)
  44. Xtreme Racing (Now with select screen music)


  1. Brief comment - although I (currently) don't own a CD32, I'd love to get one - and when I do, this site will be one of the first I'll visit! I'm sorry to hear about the virus problem, but on the other hand I'm glad to hear that you guys have addressed it right away,and that you've taken precautions by taking the images off-line (for the time being, at least).

    Please keep up the good work - can't wait to see more remastered releases with whole new features for the CD32! (Gauntlet, anyone?)

    1. Thanks for that :) I appreciate it.

      Gauntlet (the Atari ST conversion) is on the now-clean 160 game compilation, and even has full support for the CD32 pad (no keyboard required). We're in planning to do Gauntlet pentalogy with the three games plus the two Garrison games.

  2. hi huys I appreciated your huge work on all these releases...just a mere question: as I luckily run only one or two games on my Amiga cd32 just before this "virus" issue, what actually happened or might those who played the virus version of the games?
    Thanks in advance for your kind and professional reply.....Now I0m downloading all virus checked vers of all my fav games.....thanks to you!!!

    1. I think it's not likely to have affected a real CD32 (other than maybe an SX-32 etc), there's simply no storage space for the virus to be stored. I was really more concerned about Amigas with Hard Drives equipped.

      And, no problem at all :)

  3. Hi Erik,

    very exhaustive!!! Yet,I have been downloading them all just to be safer!!!
    Thanks again and hope a EA Sports compilation will be take into account as you wrote to me about once......