Saturday, 30 May 2015

The ongoing rebuild, part 3

Another 10 downloads have been restored, most have been improved in some form.

In particular, the "Birthday" collection has the entire CD32 Lotus Trilogy rather than just the first game, and the Supercars Collection is now our first PC/Amiga hybrid release (includes Supercars International and the fan made Supercars III for PC). Smaller updates include; F1GP has the latest version of the 2014 patch, and Stunt Car Racer has an infinite boost cheat. Most of the rest feature either select screen music or a separate music player.

As always, the complete list of restored downloads can be found here.


  1. links to Stuntcar and Giana Sisters Collection are looping back to their post not the download page

    Thanks again for these great conversions :)

    1. Whoops! Thanks once again for checking ;) they should be fixed now