Thursday, 14 May 2015

Guest Release: CD32 Compilation Volume 2

GameTek, Gremlin, Microprose, Millenium, ICE, System 3, Team 17, Titus
Cover: Carl (Template and words by Steve)
Select Screen: Scorpion
ISO Master: Scorpion

It has been a long time coming, but we're proud to present the second in the series of Scorpion's CD32 compilations. Just like the last one, this is an eclectic, pan-genre mix of eleven officially released CD32 games, this time including:

  1. Alien Breed: Tower Assault
  2. Deep Core
  3. Fields of Glory
  4. Fire Force
  5. Frontier: Elite 2
  6. Global Effect
  7. IK+
  8. Mean Arenas
  9. Morph
  10. Quik The Thunder Rabbit
  11. Zool states that there are 171 games for the CD32, so there's more than 12% of the entire library on these two discs alone!

One minor issue to note: Because they both feature CD music, Zool's second "get ready" audio is replaced by audio from Global Effect. Other than that, the games are exactly the same as they were on their original release. Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso.

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus cleaned 23rd May 2015, with fix to Alien Breed Tower Assault)


  1. Fantastic compilation. I now have Morph on my CD32! :D
    I really like the boot image you guys make for each disc, makes it feel somewhat official :)

  2. I'm having a strange problem with my CD32, regarding these compilations. It seems, that when the menu comes up, after a random time (can be very short or a little longer) a random game starts to load on it's own. Which is very, very annoying... I currently only have an Matt B432 Boomerang controller (which is just totally horrible), which could be a cause, as if I remove it from machine games don't start on themself. But during gameplay, controller works totally normally? Is there something I am missing here??? I ordered an PSX-controller adapter, because B432 is so horrible that it takes the fun out gaming on CD32 ;) And those recommended Competition Pro pads prices are around 250€, which is totally laughable. No one should EVER pay anything like that, from a controller. I hate the "retro business" of today :(