Saturday, 17 January 2015

Special: Earok's 2015 Birthday Mix Disc

Just a little bit of fun to celebrate my birthday, eleven fantastic multiplayer games on one disc, to be played at my "retro game night" tomorrow. This isn't meant to be an "official" release from us, just something chucked together in an evening. Apologies for the terrible looking menu (I stole some of Steve's assets but designed it myself) and there's no cover.
  1. Banshee CD32
  2. Chaos Engine CD32 (Unfortunately using two tracks of Banshee's music due to a track overlap, there's no intro narration for instance)
  3. Gloom Deluxe (+Peter McGavin's C2P Patch)
  4. Golden Axe (Slave)
  5. IK+ CD32
  6. Lotus (Slave
  7. Midnight Resistance (Slave)
  8. Rodland (Slave)
  9. Super Skidmarks+ (The version with the insane number of vehicles)
  10. SWOS 96/97 (JST Load version +2013/2014 teams)
  11. Worms Director's Cut
Incidentally I'd be open to doing further iterations of this idea if someone else has an upcoming birthday.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015. Now with Lotus Trilogy CD32 rather than just the original game)


  1. Excellent collection and Happy Birthday

  2. Your work is superb. Well done and thank you for opening up my amiga memories. Thx

  3. Amazing work! Would be super-great if you could to the Turrican trilogy, making it keyboard independent for the CD32! :)

  4. RGCD have a Turrican trilogy for the CD32