Monday, 29 September 2014

Worms Collection

Team 17 / Gary Roberts / Aceman / Squirminator2k
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, Worms DC CD32 release by Whitesnake, various resources sourced from Dream17
Cover and selection screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Since there are only two Worms games on Amiga, we tried to make this pack as bonus heavy as possible!
  • The original CD32 release of Worms, but this time with a copy protection patch by "Captain Hook & Mozart/OTT". Enter anything at all at the copy protection screen to play the game.
  • Video mode, all of the animated skits that came with the CD32 release.
  • CDXL intro ripped from a cutscene in the game "Worms: Battle Island".
  • The PD game "Tanx". Mouse required.
  • Jukebox mode with these tracks from the original game, CU Pack for Worms DC and Worms Armageddon
    1. CD Data
    2. Worms - Main Title
    3. Worms - Night
    4. Worms - Suspense
    5. Worms - Suspense 2
    6. Worms - Wind
    7. Worms - Swamp
    8. Worms - Remix
    9. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong '96
    10. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong
    11. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong (United Remix)
    12. Worms Armageddon Theme Song
  • Worms Director's Cut with bonuses
    • The original team names plus the custom ones from Whitesnake's version.
    • The reduced sample set from Whitesnake's version, unfortunately this is required to fit the game into memory. However if you happen to be the lucky owner of an expanded CD32 you can still select the full sample set from the Records menu (this will crash a regular CD32).
    • A whole bunch of additional custom levels from the CU Amiga pack and Aceman's Worms Armageddon packs. You need to punch in the names with your gamepad to play them eg "cars" to play a level based on the Worms Armageddon "cars" terrain. The full list is in the records menu.
    • And a whole bunch of custom random terrain sets. Unfortunately there's just not enough memory to put them all into one install of Worms DC, so we split them into multiple packs selectable from a second menu.
      • Superfrog Pack - Magic Woods and Ice Forest by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 1 - Sports and Art by Squirminator2k
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 2 - Gulf and Snow by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 3 - Music and Doom by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 4 - Cheese by Squirminator2k, Medieval by Aceman
Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso in order to get the music.

Main selection screen

Worms Director's Cut selection screen

CDXL Intro

2nd November 2014 Update 1.1

General: 2x CD Speed command added for faster loading, Worms DC title music added to selection screen
Worms: German language fixed (H/T Ebster for spotting the issue)
Worms Director's Cut:
- 1,05 patch with misc fixes. It doesn't ask you if you're using a CD32 pad any more but it's assumed you're using one (you can change to mouse+keyboard from options if you wish)
- French and German speech options, choose these from the "Record" menu. These are ported from Worms 1.
- Around 20 more samples have been added. Although it still doesn't contain all of the samples that were originally in Worms DC, it now contains almost all of the speech. If you have a Fast RAM equipped CD32 you can still access the full sample set if you wish.
- "Total Wormage" option set added, which just enables the "Total Wormage" status bar. Alternatively if you have a keyboard you can just type in "Total Wormage" to see this.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th August 2015. Now with additional Kirby levels for Worms Director's cut!)

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  1. Great job guys, great collection I'm going to do to my favorite console, thanks.