Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Leading Lap MPV

Black Legend
Cover and controls screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The third and last of our AGA racing game conversions. A half decent racer arcade racer with a slick 3D engine, it's a little shallow and difficult to control but nonetheless we recommend this to fans of the genre.

Surprisingly for a game that (so far as we can tell) was never intended for an official release on the console, it features support for every single button on the joypad.

You can play without a keyboard, however as the game uses passwords you'll need a keyboard if you want to resume a previous game.

Controls screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 31st July 2015, now with optional Amiga 500 version included)


  1. Psssst I just want to let you know of a tip: Litil Divil on cd-i has intro and ending fmvs in mpeg2 format that the CD32 version never got, these can be easily extracted and viewed with any media player so probably easy to convert to CDXL-format :p

  2. Thanks for the tip! We're definitely keen on adding intros that only appeared on other platforms so we might do this one in future. It may not be possible to trigger the outfro from the game itself but we might be able to include it as a bonus.

  3. Yeah Leading Lap for my CD32 :) A game is still missing Zeewolf1 and Zeewolf 2 then I'm happy.

  4. Zeewolf 1 and 2 I've looked at - unfortunately keyboard control is a big issue, if someone ever patches it to work off the CD32 pad I'll do a conversion.