Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Kick Off Collection [CD32][SX32]

1.2 Update

I hadn't fully tested the collection last time, and it turned out several games were broken. I've taken this opportunity to upgrade the collection to using the latest and most stable version of CD32Load. All games should work now. This is otherwise the same as the previous release.

1.1 Mega Update!

  • New games!
    • Player Manager 1 (Slave: Stingray)
    • Player Manager 2 (Slave: Stingray)
  • Except for Kick Off / Extra Time, all games load with JOTD's CD32Load for quick load times and enhanced CD32 pad support.
  • All games should now work on a non-stock CD32, thanks to CD32Load and the new full (free) version of WHDLoad.
  • These games now have additional CD32 pad support
    • Kick Off 2 (Series)
    • Kick Off 3
    • Goal!
  • These games now have basic control documentation
    • Kick Off / Extra Time
    • Kick Off 2 (Series)
    • Kick Off 3
    • Goal!
  • Kick Off 2 (Vanilla) now includes the World Cup 90 addon disk.
  • New cover by Steve to reflect the above changes. If you prefer CD sized covers, AmigaJay has one for you.

Anco (Goal!: Virgin, Competition Version: Steve Camber)
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

  • Kick Off (Slave: Psygore)
  • Kick Off Extra Time (Slave: Psygore)
  • Kick Off 2 (Slave: Stingray)
  • Kick Off 2 Competition Version (Slave: Stingray)
  • Kick Off 2 Final Whistle (Slave: Stingray)
  • Kick Off 2 Final Whistle Competition Version (Slave: Stingray)
  • Kick Off 3(Slave: Stingray)
  • Goal! (Slave: Stingray)
Even though it's not by Anco, we felt Goal was an appropriate addition due to being a Dino Dini game.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the Kick Off 1 and Extra Time, the load times for most of the games are very long. Also, in some of the games you need the keyboard to be able to sub - if one of your players gets injured and you don't have a keyboard, that's it, you're stuck.

Kick Off 3 is the original OCS version, unfortunately the AGA version requires a keyboard to start so I went with the original.

Select screen

(1.1 download above)


  1. I gave the link a quick try just then, it seems to be working at my side. comes and goes, please try it again in a little while.

  2. it's missing Player Manager!!
    I like you add Goal, that iis the real sequel to kick off 2, but Kick Off 3 is totally a fifferent game, what about to replace it with Player Manager??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. How do I get past the title/credit screen of the games. Tried a few KO2 versions and I can't get the game to advance beyond the title screen, no button works. Trying on a real CD32.

    1. Fixed it, I had to change my Kipper2k PSX adapter to single button joystick instead of CD32 config.

  5. Downloaded and tested 1.1 version. The main game Kick Off 2 (red button) doesn't work on my CD32. CD32load says it has a read error on disk 8. ??