Friday, 26 September 2014

James Pond CD32 Collection

Vectordean / Millenium
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves by various authors as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The complete collection of James Pond games on Amiga!
  • James Pond, Underwater Agent (Slave: JOTD)
  • James Pond 2: Robocod CD32
  • James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h CD32
  • The Aquatic Games (Slave: CFOU!)
We've also included all of the FMVs that came with the CD32 games, including the "Underwater Agent" cartoon that serves as a prequel to James Pond 3.

There's also a special new feature with this one that will also be included with selected future games (and probably in updates of previous games) - Jukebox mode! You can listen to the CD quality soundtrack for James Pond 2, and the Mega Drive soundtracks for James Pond 1 and 3. You should also be able to listen to these in a standard CD player.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the track title database working correctly so they're not displayed in the Jukebox. Here they are for your reference:
  1. CD Data
  2. Richard Joseph-Robocod Title (03:02:00)
  3. Richard Joseph-Underwater Operation (03:50:00)
  4. Richard Joseph-Who's Afraid of the Colourful Platform  (02:13:37)
  5. Richard Joseph-Run James, Run! (02:37:63)
  6. Richard Joseph-Christmas in Pondland (01:30:00)
  7. Richard Joseph-On Her Majesty's Bonus Items (01:11:00)
  8. Richard Joseph-The Villain and the Fish (01:43:50)
  9. James Pond 3 - Flight of the Fishes [Genesis] Music (03:54:50)
  10. James Pond 3 - The Lunar Expanse [Genesis] Music (01:57:34)
  11. James Pond 3 - Celestial Quest [Genesis] Music (03:58:06)
  12. James Pond 3 - Enclosed Skulduggery [Genesis] Music (04:31:53)
  13. James Pond 3 - The Spirit of an Angel [Genesis] Music (06:34:62)
  14. James Pond 3 - Of Haunted Places [Genesis] Music (02:41:69)
  15. James Pond 3 - Fear of the Aggressor [Genesis] Music (01:16:21)
  16. James Pond 3 - A Certain Strength [Genesis] Music (01:35:23)
  17. James Pond 3 - Solemnity in Space [Genesis] Music (03:03:21)
  18. James Pond 3 - The Greatest Glory [Genesis] Music (02:55:71)
  19. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Dangerous Cave (01:15:18)
  20. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Enemy Spy (02:40:73)
  21. James Pond - Underwater Agent - From Three Mile Island With Love (04:36:27)
  22. James Pond - Underwater Agent - License to Bubble (03:36:32)
  23. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Secret Reefs (01:48:29)
  24. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Title (02:42:52)
Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso in order to get the audio. Also note that "The Aquatic Games" has a very long initial load time, but after that it's fine.

Selection Screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, now with select screen music)


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  2. Nice compilation but it lacks the JAMES POND 3 commercial cartoon included in the CD32 original CD of JAMES POND 2. This cartoon should probably be used on the JAMES POND 3 CD but there was a mistake in choosing the CDXL file at Millenium. This would explain why we have to see the introduction of JAMES POND 2 before starting "OPERATION STARFI5H". But nice work for CD32 gamers ;-)

  3. Oups, sorry, I was misled by the thumbnail showing a picture of the James Pond 2 intro, not one from James Pond 3 video :-)

  4. I'm not sure who will see this.. but it's worth a go. I'm having problems burning this. If I burn the .cue file, the CD32 doesn't seem to recognise the game. It doesn't even seem to recognise it as a music CD but if I burn the ISO file, the game works (albeit without music).

    Has anyone got any advice? I'm using Imgburn and the CDs I've used seem fine with other games.