Thursday, 25 September 2014

Giana Sisters CD32 Collection

Timewarp, Rainbow Arts, Reline, Softgold, Hironymus Jumpshoe, Retroguru
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below, Hard N Heavy hack by Earok
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

As a compliment to the standalone release, we've also done a Giana Sisters mega collection.
  • The Great Giana Sisters, Slave by Harry and Psygore.
  • Giana II: Arthur and Martha in Future World. This was a graphical hack I did based on Hard N Heavy. It is playable without a keyboard but you can't access the special powers without one. Slave by Harry.
  • Lollypop. Not really connected to the Giana Sisters other than being another Rainbow Arts platformer about a cute girl. Slave by DJ Mike and Codetapper.
  • Crazy Sue 1 & 2. Two PD platformers, again not connected to the Giana Sisters except for appearing on the "Giana Sisters Trilogy" compilation. A minor note regarding these games, it may appear as though they're not going to load, but be patient - the title screen usually takes half a minute or so to load after the CD has stopped loading. Slave by DJ Mike.
  • SQRXZ 1 & 2. Two highly polished PD platformers that were inspired by the Giana Sisters. The series is four parts in total and the later half is available for OS 4 Amigas, amongst many other platforms.
The Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams intro has been added as a bonus.

Selection Screen

CDXL Intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, Now with title screen music)

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