Monday, 1 September 2014


Dephine / US Gold
UsesWHDLoad by Wepl, Slave by JOTD and Psygore
Cover, Controls Screen and Level Screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Kicking off our unofficial CD32 conversions project is the mega-hit action adventure, Flashback. Featuring:
  • The brilliant WHDLoad slave with CD32 joypad support, speed corrected cutscenes and level/difficult select capability.
  • CDXL intro, derived from the 2013 remake.
  • Controls screen.
  • Level and difficulty selection screen.
Controls Screen

Level and Difficulty Select Screen

CDXL Intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 29th July 2015, now with five languages! Asides from English, the Italian, German, French and Czech versions of the game are included)


  1. I failed to download the file, can someone help, thanks.

  2. Give it another try, maybe with a different browser. It seems to be OK at the moment (though sometimes mega has issues).

  3. Ok, I could download the file, thanks for your help.

  4. Once i die and the level select screen comes up, no button is assigned to allow to continue

  5. Thank you for doing this, finally a great version of Flashback on the Amiga CD32, who uses all the controls of the CD32 JoyPad.

    keep up the good work.