Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dune II

Uses: Fakemouse, Joy2key2 by Lorence Lombardo
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

  • The ability to save temporarily in RAM. Unfortunately you'll lose your games when the console is restarted, but you can at least restore a game in the middle of session if you need to.
  • Some level 8 saves that were sourced from an EAB competition, so you don't need to play all the way through to get into the game.
  • Joypad support. Many of the keyboard commands have been mapped to buttons on the CD32 pad to make joypad play a little less painful. A controls reference screen has been included for your convenience.
  • The intro video from "Dune 2000" in CDXL format.
Control screen

CDXL Intro

21st August 2015 Major Update

Virus checked and now with three major updates:

1. French and German support.

2. Save game pack for all three houses, making the prospect of playing through the game on a real CD32 a much more realistic possibility. For Atredies and Ordos it contains saves at the start of missions 3-8, and for Harkonnen it contains saves for 4-8. They were sourced from Aminet but I can't find them any more, so it's possible they've been removed from the site.

3. Build.emc patch that reduces micromanagement in the game. In particular, it removes damage over time from structures, automatically returns repaired vehicles to the battleground, and increases the range of missile launchers - all of which should make play on a gamepad easier. The patch is shareware and the author has requested a 5 euro donation for ongoing use.



  1. These collections are great! Any chance of a Cinemaware (wings etc), Bitmap Brothers, Shadow of the Beast, Ocean Software or even a Psignosis collection?

  2. Cheers. Unfortunately we don't have any collections like those ones coming out soon, but maybe next time we do a bunch of releases :)

  3. Psygnosis collection please with ALL game

  4. I might have a go at something like that in the future but a complete psgynosis collection would be very difficult (Flink and Microcosm wouldn't fit on the same disk etc)

  5. Part. 1 on CD 1; Part. 2 on CD 2; Part. 3 on CD 3; ecc.

    Agony, Air Support, Amnios, Anarchy, Baal, Awesome, Ballistix, Brataccas...

    Microcosm e Flink are cd32 game, there is no need to add ;)

    However, good job and thanks for this gifts!

  6. when a dune 2 on CD32 legacy with all its options and more