Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bomberman CD32 Collection

Hudson, Ubisoft, Leading Edge, Kingsoft, Alpha Brothers
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

We've reached the end of our stand-alone releases - it's all collections for the rest of the month.

The Bomberman collection contains four games - none of which are actually called "Bomberman", but all of them are either a direct conversion or inspired by it:
  • Dynablaster, the official port of Bomberman. Slave by Psygore.
  • Bug Bomber, an unusual and original twist on the Bomberman idea. You'll want a keyboard to change the options for this one. Slave by Psygore.
  • Blitz Bombers, an AGA Bomberman clone that was unfortunately cancelled due to pressure from Hudson. There's full CD32 pad support in this one.
  • Master Blaster, a multiplayer only Bomberman clone with an extensive number of options. A registration key was released for free by the author, so we've put this in for you.
As a bonus we've chucked in the awesome Saturn Bomberman intro. I know the CDXL intros are sometimes a mixed bag but this is certainly one of the better ones.

Select screen
CDXL intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 13th August 2015. Now with title screen music and some adjustments to Dyna Blaster - it no longer uses the slave's "fake" NTSC display by default, but will switch to PAL if you have a PAL CD32 or NTSC if you have an NTSC CD32. If you want to use the mode with the "fake" NTSC display just hit Reverse at the title screen).


  1. Guys, there is no download link! :P

  2. Whoops! Cheers for picking up on that :)

  3. Hi can you reupload this and alien breed collection , canon fodder etc as all suspended due to virus - Thanks for all the hard work though

  4. Was looking sooo forward downloading and playing this on my amiga during vacation in my hometown :( :(

    Is this available somewhere else?


    1. How long are you on vacation for? The reuploaded version isn't 100% ready to go but I can give you a beta release in about 12 hours or so if you'd like.

    2. Never mind, the re-release is finished and uploaded!

    3. Kick ass! Thanks Hogan!
      I will be enjoying some nostalgic Bug Bombing with a glass of Norwegian "akevit" tonight

      good job!